A research paper is a work which depicts the students own thoughts and knowledge about the topic. It requires a lot of hard work from the student to accomplish the task with perfection. It is mainly demanded in high school and colleges to assess the overall progress in a particular subject. The research paper is to reveal the thought of the student with his or her research about the topic.

In this article, we are going to discuss the question of how to write a research paper introduction, which is the most crucial matter of any writing assignments from the school and colleges. Below there are some essential tips that are given which may help you in writing an excellent introduction to the work of research paper.

Get all the keywords from the work

For a better introduction, you need to gather some good points from the essay, the highlight of the piece of research will give extra charm to the presentation. Apart from all this you also need to look for the old work which may also benefit you in writing a better introduction. Look all the previous and try to get the style of writing.

Take help from the internet


Internet is one of the best sources of everything in this world; you need to go into the world of the net to find new things about every subject. When it comes to the introduction part of the research paper is also very beneficial in this type of work. Login to the sites which offers literature work on the internet and rest you will find perfect examples.

Length of the introduction

The overall length of the presentation must be around one page only. It should not exceed the limit and try to cover all the vital aspects in one page only. The length of the introduction is the thing which comes first before the reader, and you take this as a first impression of the work against the readers.


In the end, we can say that writing introductions for research paper writing are highly essential. It includes all the vital aspects of the essay, which may benefit you in getting a better grade from the high schools and colleges’ assignments. However, other parts of the article is a significant concern for the writer or the author, but when it comes to the matter of the introduction part, it becomes more critical.